Reece was quickly into the recovery/rehab stage, and almost immediately back training in the gym with a view to being competing within three months..

Reece Wilson

Shoulder separation

In September 2018, Reece Wilson, one of Scotland’s top Pro mountain bike racers, suffered a shoulder separation after crashing at Red Bull Hardline, an invitation-only event in Wales. Rather than an injury caused by repetition, this was exactly the sort of blunt trauma injury that skiers, cyclists and rugby players are prone to suffer. Many sportsmen and women choose to struggle on without treatment because conventional surgical procedures are fairly major and mean a prolonged period of immobilisation, however just not treating this sort of injury can lead to weakness in the joint and leave it predisposed to arthritis.

Within a week of seeing Professor Mackay the Borderer had been operated on, with an InternalBrace procedure used to stabilise his AC joint. This meant that Reece was able to mobilise his shoulder immediately and cut his recovery time in half so he was quickly into the recovery/rehab stage. He was almost immediately back training in the gym, he was able to get back on his bike within a matter of weeks and at 4 months was back racing in a World Cup.

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Reece Wilson - A return to Pro Sport following InternalBrace shoulder surgery

The crash that caused Reece's injury