Professor Mackay works with many highly experienced physiotherapists in-hospital and at the Space Clinic in Edinburgh where, among others, he works with long-time collaborator Stuart Barton, one of the world’s top physiotherapists. Barton, who has practices in Fife and Edinburgh, was for 17 years the physio for the Scotland rugby team, helping rehabilitate hundreds of players and being in attendance for a record of over 100 international Test matches.


Above: Professor Mackay with Stuart Barton and a friend! Below:Professor Mackay overseeing treatment at Ross Hall

Stuart was also physio for the British & Irish Lions tour of Australia in 2001 and New Zealand in 2005, Physio-page-quotewhere he helped Lions skipper Brian O’Driscoll’s rehabilitation. The Irishman said: “Stuart’s treatment is the best I’ve ever had – my recovery was made so much smoother thanks to Stuart.” Golfer Colin Montgomerie said: “I was told he was the best by my friend Gavin Hastings – I can now testify he is the best.”















Above and Below: Physiotherapist Stephen Mutch, Scottish Rugby Team physio from 2006 to present.


The images below were taken on a training day attended by some of the physiotherapists Professor Mackay works with, where they looked in more detail at human anatomy.









physio-use-bartyLeft: Stuart Barton with Chris Paterson.