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Nikki is riding high!

Great to see this super piece in Scottish Rider about former patient Nikki Corstorphine. Some of you may remember seeing our video of her story after she suffered a bad fall from a bucking horse and sustained a horrendous knee injury. She subsequently had all the ligaments in her knee InternallyBraced in a multi-ligament operation.…

How InternalBrace Ligament Augmentation has changed David Pedowitz MDs practice

It is always great to hear that fellow surgeons find that the InternalBrace technique is able to help them change their practice and allow their patients an accelerated recovery. In this video David Pedowitz MD discusses just this, including the case of an ex-forces veteran patient who, prior to InternalBrace surgery in both ankles, needed…

AAOS 2019: The days of straightforward human joinery have been left behind

In the first of our Mackay Clinic Blogs, Professor Mackay looks back at the highlights of AAOS2019 which gave him a great opportunity to talk to surgeons from all over the world who are finding that the InternalBrace is transforming their practices and patient care.