We launch our podcast – Surgical Goals

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new podcast Surgical Goals, presented by Professor Mackay and co-host, broadcaster Jennifer Reoch – available now on all major platforms.

Together the pair will be exploring the world of sports injury, treatments, rehab, and recovery by talking to guests from Olympians to weekend warriors from all sporting disciplines. They all have one thing in common and that is a remarkable story to tell.

The aim of Surgical Goals is not only to find out how guests dealt on a physical, mental, and career basis with injury but also to find out how they recovered. Sometimes episodes will explore common sports injuries in-depth and discuss treatments available. In other episodes, experts in different fields of sports medicine and rehab will be invited to share their knowledge with listeners.

Conversations range from the light-hearted to the more serious and along the way, it is hoped listeners as well as enjoying the podcast also pick up tips, not only about how to deal with their own injuries but perhaps learn more about preventing them in the first place.

Our first-ever Surgical Goals guest is golfing legend, Paul Lawrie. Paul talks about what it meant to win the Open but then struggle with an ankle injury so serious it threatened his career. A chance meeting with Physiotherapist Stuart Barton changed all that though, and Stuart joined the recording to describe his own version of events! Listen here

Surgical Goals – Consults with a Sports Surgeon is available now on all major podcast platforms

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