Warsaw Congress focusses on joint preservation

Warsaw Congress focusses on joint preservation

An excellent  Joint Preservation Congress was held recently in Warsaw focused on the latest innovations  to conserve and restore joint function. Professor Caplan’s insight into mesenchymal stem cells, a lifetimes work was greatly appreciated. The pericytes concentrated around the small vessels in fat would appear to have a prominent role. Dinner with Faculty encouraged a sharing of experience over a compulsory vodka shot between traditional delicious Polish dishes.


Above: Professor Caplan

There was considerable interest in the InternalBrace and a local knee expert explained that his practice had been transformed after hearing about the InternalBrace. He kindly presented me with a wobble board which is used for rehab which he had decorated with the boat he helped to crew in the Sydney to Hobart race this year.


Above: Polish surgeon who is now internally bracing and repairing ACL’s. Presented a balance board with a picture of his boat as a thankyou


Above: It was a delight to meet Anna Harkowska, a Para-Oympian, who won silver at the London Olympics several weeks after her shoulder was secured with the InternalBrace.

For more photographs from the Congress flick through the gallery below


Joint Preservation Congress Warsaw

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