They’ve nearly Made it to Munich!

Well, what started as a crazy idea to cycle to Munich from Glasgow for Scotland’s opening match of the Euros has become a reality for the Make it to Munich cycle squad.

Four football-mad fans – Prof Gordon Mackay, filmmaker Martyn Robertson, tartan army fan Stephen Collie, and exceptional teenager survivor Ethan Walker are nearly there after two weeks and 1200km!

Having been waved off from Hampden by Scottish team player John McGinn on June 1st 2024 the four will arrive in Munich to an incredible welcome laid on by the city and the British Embassy.

What has made this epic charity cycle even more exceptional is not just the fact that none of the four are experienced long-distance cyclists it is the fact that Ethan Walker nearly died in an accident in the US just 8 months ago.

In September 2023 the promising young footballer, who left local side Huntly FC aged 17 to attend a football scholarship in the U.S. was hit by a car in New York state.

Tragically he sustained life-threatening injuries including multiple fractures, two brain hemorrhages, and the complete dislocation of his right knee. The fractured bones included his skull, shoulder, hand, pelvis and knee. On discharge from intensive care, Ethan was still unable to swallow and required months of tube feeding.

The assault to his knee was huge – all his knee ligaments and cartilage were torn, the equivalent of 5 ACL injuries.

Ethan’s mum, who was at home in Scotland when the incident happened, was notified and within a day she was by her son’s side in hospital.

After three months of intensive care, Ethan travelled back to Scotland where he met Prof Mackay who reconstructed Ethan’s right knee using his revolutionary Internal Brace technique and has been supporting him with his recovery.

Impressed with his determination and progress Professor Mackay set Ethan a major challenge: To cycle to Munich for the opening game of Euro 24 Germany v Scotland

Professor Mackay has taken care of Ethan on the journey and sponsored his trip, Ethan also has had some physio help from Iain Anderson.

Before they left John McGinn handed the squad a match pennant which will be handed back to him in a ceremony just before the Scottish team’s match with Germany on Friday 14th June 2024.

This incredible challenge has not been a race, but more a climate-conscious, fun, charity cycle challenge celebrating our nation’s achievement of reaching the Euros 2024 and helping Ethan realise his dream and conquer what some may have thought would be impossible for him. They also could not have done it without wonderful support teams who have been with them in shifts throughout this incredible adventure.

Donations are going to the Duncan Hospital Charitable Trust which supports The Duncan Hospital in Bihar, India and The British Heart Foundation in memory of Stephen’s best friend Jason.

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