The Duncan Hospital in Bihar needs help following earthquake

The following is a passage from a doctor currently working at the Duncan Hospital in Bihar, India on the border with Nepal – the hospital was caught up in the earthquake and its aftermath as detailed below…

“As many of you have already read on the news our part of the world was struck by a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake around noon yesterday. The epicenter was located about 80 km from Kathmandu and so the quake was about 200 km from us in Raxaul, Bihar. I was in the ICU around noon yesterday preparing to intubate a sick patient when we felt the whole building shaking around us. After the shaking had stopped there was mass chaos with most patients that were well enough to walk ran out of the hospital. We had a second aftershock measuring 6.6 about 45 minutes later and although strong it was less than the first one. Thankfully none of the buildings on the Duncan campus have suffered damage and there have been no injuries to our staff. We had a third major aftershock that hit a little after noon today measuring 6.7 that shook the buildings again.” To read the rest of this newsletter from the Duncan as it copes with patients in the aftermath of the quake

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