Tackling sudden cardiac arrest in sport – new podcast episode with Dr Jonny Gordon

In the latest episode of our podcast Surgical Goals we chat to the the Scottish FA‘s new National Team Doctor, Dr Jonny Gordon. Jonny has a special interest in sudden cardiac arrest in sport, he answers all our questions about how and why it can happen in seemingly fit and healthy athletes.

When Christian Eriksen collapsed during Denmark’s Euro 2021 opener with Finland, the footballing world watched on in horror before cameras cut away when pitchside medics swung into action to save him. Remarkably Eriksen not only survived his sudden cardiac arrest but is now playing again. Someone who knows a great deal about sudden cardiac arrest in sport is our guest Dr Jonny Gordon, team Doc for the Scottish football squad. Jonny has been responsible for developing further understanding of Sudden Cardiac Death in sport (SCD) and in the training of sports medics in emergency treatment. He has even invented a specialist pitchside treatment kit which has been adopted by FIFA.

Jonny may be a team doc but his ‘day-job’ is as an A&E Consultant in a busy Glasgow hospital and he explains how these roles combine his passion for medicine and sport. Previously team doc at Celtic, he was also Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and has for many years worked with a giant of sports medicine, Dr John MacLean.

Everyone has questions about cardiac arrest in sport and Jonny explains why it can happen, even in fit and healthy athletes who have previously been screened. But he also offers invaluable tips on what you can do if someone collapses nearby. How to recognise if it is a heart attack and simple steps you can immediately take to help.

Among the lighter notes, Prof Mackay recalls how the pair first met as members of an unlikely football squad Jennifer wants the lowdown on Scotland’s chances in the World Cup – you heard it here on Surgical Goals!

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