Study shows excellent outcomes for combined ACL repair and ALL Internal Brace augmentation

Our knees are subjected to powerful forces especially when we play sport and surgeons, we are always working to improve our clinical knowledge of how repair affects patient outcomes after injury and subsequent surgery. 

This paper published in December 2020 shows the results from a two-year study. It demonstrates that the small additional augmentation of the Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) with the InternalBrace at the same time as ACL repair, especially if the patient is younger and takes part in any sport that demands pivoting is beneficial. The ALL lies on the outside of the knee and is an important lateral stabiliser which supports the ACL.

Results of this particular study show that the small extra procedure of protecting the ALL has a positive effect on recovery and lessens the chance of re-injury. Many surgeons now add this additional protection of the ALL as standard in high risk cases but it is good to have clear clinical results from this study to back this up. 

This study concluded, “Combined ACL repair and ALL internal brace augmentation demonstrated excellent outcomes in 94.7% of the study patients. Based on our experience with this cohort as well as our isolated ACL repair data, we suggest that high-risk patients with ACL ruptures that are suitable for repair should have an additional ALL procedure to provide rotational stability.”

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InternalBracing of ALL

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