Staying in the zone in summer

Great to hear from our sponsored skier Iain Innes about his summer regime and training.

We are half way through summer, and Iain reports that he is training harder than ever. He has been in the gym every morning at the Scottish Institute of Sport, and on his bike most afternoons, in and around Edinburgh. Iain is also juggling 4 part time jobs, that help to pay for things like car insurance and new cycling equipment.

We look forward to hearing how he got on at Saas Fee in Switzerland where, at the time of writing, he was heading to an on-snow training camp, on the glacier up at 3000m. The aim being to test both his physical, and technical capabilities, whilst allowing him to work on the basics, before upping the intensity.

Iain tells us he will be doing the next two camps with the National team, however, he is planning to spend his winter season, with a private team called Evolution, based in Radstadt, Austria. Iain says that they have offered him a much more personalised program, at about 30% less than the cost of the GB squad. This will allow him to focus more of his time and energy, into becoming the fastest skier he can be!

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