Rugby great Chris Paterson – new podcast episode

We were very lucky to be able to chat with rugby legend Chris Paterson for the latest episode of our podcast Surgical Goals. Chris was joined by friend and former Scotland and Lions physio Stuart Barton.

Chris talks about his amazing journey – from a rugby-mad Border’s lad to playing in four World Cups. Throughout his playing career, he suffered remarkably few injuries, although he describes how he dealt with and recovered from two of the most significant ones here.

With their insider knowledge, Stuart and Chris give us an amazing insight into the life of a pro-rugby player and remember the great camaraderie behind the scenes at Murrayfield.

And as if that wasn’t enough the pair had so many tales to tell that we put together a shorter soundbite second episode where Chris chats about everything from handling pressure during a match to how he nearly appeared shirtless at Stuart’s wedding!

The Surgical Goals podcast delves into the world of sports injuries and recoveries and is hosted by Professor Gordon Mackay and Jennifer Reoch.

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