Revolutionising Sports Surgery: InternalBrace ACL Method marks significant advance, new paper shows

A recently published landmark ACL paper explains why the InternalBrace technique is transforming sports surgery. The authors are, Professor Gordon Mackay, fellow IBISG member Graeme Hopper and William Wilson.

The editorial in the latest edition of the Arthroscopy Journal asked the question, “Why would surgeons not choose to protect all ACL reconstructions?” The latest evidence supports InternalBracing. The InternalBracing Technique can dramatically reduce the ACL re-rupture rate by up to 10-fold, regardless of the type of graft used.

This is potentially the most significant advance in ACL surgery in the last 40 years.

“We have reached a defining moment in ACL surgery. Tunnel position, tunnel size, and fixation techniques have failed to address the recognized shortcomings of using a graft, which whether that be an autograft or allograft is basically a strap of dead tissue that needs protection during early-phase remodeling. Confidence in external bracing is clearly misplaced, and re-rupture rates after 50 years remain unacceptably high. The morbidity associated with re-rupture and revision surgery not only is devastating for the patient but massively increases health care spending. The internal bracing technique is safe, biocompatible, and biomimetic and is transforming sports surgery by offering a new approach to ligament repair and reconstruction in the widest sense.”

You can read the full published article here

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