Results of an Accelerated Rehabilitation Program after Arthroscopic Broström Ankle Ligament Repair Augmented with an Arthroscopically Applied Suture Tape

Introduction/Purpose: The Broström-Gould is the gold standard in repair of the lateral ankle ligaments for chronic instability and arthroscopic Broström repairs have become increasingly popular with outcomes comparable to the open procedure. Despite demonstrated success, the arthroscopic Broström, like the open procedure, does not achieve the same mechanical strength as the intact native ankle ligaments and is therefore not appropriate for early aggressive rehabilitation. Suture tape augmentation of an open Broström procedure has been shown to further strengthen the repair and produce favorable outcomes in preventing recurrent instability. Studies reporting long-term clinical outcomes of patients who undergo this procedure are lacking. This study reports clinical and functional outcomes after an arthroscopic repair with arthroscopically applied suture tape augmentation and an accelerated post-operative rehabilitation protocol.
Methods: Ninety-three patients with chronic recurrent ankle instability who had failed non-operative treatment (bracing, taping,physical therapy) underwent arthroscopic lateral ligament repair augmented by a suture tape applied……….Read more here