Repair of the medial patellofemoral ligament with suture tape augmentation leads to similar primary contact pressures and joint kinematics like reconstruction with a tendon graft: a biomechanical comparison (2020)

Abstract: Purpose: To compare suture tape-augmented MPFL repair with allograft MPFL reconstruction using patellofemoral contact pressure and joint kinematics to assess the risk of patellofemoral over-constrainment at point zero.

Methods: A total of ten fresh frozen cadaveric knee specimens were tested in four different conditions of the MPFL: (1) native, (2) cut, (3) reconstructed with tendon graft, and (4) augmented with suture tape. The patellofemoral mean pressure (MP), peak pressure (PP) and contact area (CA) were measured independently for the medial and lateral compartments using pressure-sensitive films…….

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