Professor Adrian Wilson is a specialist knee surgeon who qualified with a BSc in Biochemistry from Manchester University in 1989 and then went on to study medicine at St Bartholomew’s medical school, graduating in 1994. He did his fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Brisbane Orthopaedic Centre with Peter Myers in 2004. 

Adrian went on to develop a keen interest in knee ligament and osteotomy surgery. 

Adrian helped to develop the instruments and surgical techniques for several surgical procedures.  He is particularly well known for his work on the “All Inside” ACL and PCL ligament which Adrian helped to pioneer, and he has presented and published extensively on these procedures. Adrian developed several surgical instruments for knee ligament surgery including the Arthrex “graft compression tube system”. He also helped to pioneer the Anterolateral ligament procedure. And was the first surgeon to use and popularise fibre tape and knee ligament surgery. He went on to publish the first clinical paper for knee ligament reinforcement with Fibretape in 2012. 

Professor Wilson has a particular interest in knee osteotomy surgery. He is a co-founder of the UK Knee Osteotomy Registry (UKKOR), a dedicated national database for osteotomy surgery. He has developed several instruments for osteotomy surgery and pioneered a minimally invasive technique for High Tibial Osteotomy Surgery. He has also developed several fixation devices and techniques with Newclip.  

He co-founded the Basingstoke Osteotomy Masterclass in 2007 and then brought this course to London in 2018 when he relocated his practice. Professor Wilson handed on the role of vice chairman of the ESSKA osteotomy committee in 2017 he has a recognised centre for the ESSKA Osteotomy travelling fellowship. More recently he has brought the world’s leading osteotomy surgeons to London in the form of a dedicated centre namely “The London Osteotomy Centre 

Professor Wilson is also a member of the ESSKA Osteotomy Committee and the ESSKA Arthroscopy Committee.  

Professor Wilson set up a successful fellowship training programme for ligament and osteotomy surgery in 2012. He has a chair at the Manchester Metropolitan University where he is a visiting Professor to the department of Sport & Exercise. 

He frequently has international and UK visitors to observe both osteotomy and ligament surgery. 

In 2018 Adrian co-founded the Regenerative Clinic. This is the largest clinic of its kind in Europe treating patients with orthobiologic injections. This delivers alternative treatments for patients with joint issues such as knee arthritis. Since its inception the clinic has delivered over 3000 microfragmented fat injections.  

Adrian also co-founded the “Orthospecialist group” which now has over 30 members. He heads up the lower limb unit and has brought international leading surgeons into the group to practice in the UK and Cayman Islands. 

Finally, Adrian co-founded “the Living Room Health” project in March of 2022. This is affordable and accessible healthcare on the high street in the UK with 2 centres one in Brighton and one in central London.