Primary repair of multiligament knee injury with InternalBrace ligament augmentation

Abstract: Multiligament injury of the knee usually occurs as a result of high-energy trauma causing tibiofemoral dislocation. These are rare but potentially limb-threatening injuries, frequently involving nerve or arterial damage and often leading to severe complex instability. Management generally favours surgical reconstruction of the affected ligaments, with controversy regarding optimal treatment. We present a severe multiligament knee injury (Schenk classification KD-IV involving both cruciate and both collateral ligaments) in a competitive showjumper. A combined arthroscopic/open technique of single-stage surgical repair and suture augmentation was used, repairing all affected ligaments. The patient made an excellent recovery, returning to work after 12 weeks and riding after 22 weeks. After 5-year follow-up, she has regained her previous level of competition without subsequent injury. Multiligament repair with suture augmentation is a viable approach to the management of knee dislocation injuries. We propose that this could provide superior outcomes to traditional reconstruction techniques using autograft or synthetic reconstruction.

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