Podcast: Pro-footballer Mark Reynolds harnesses competitive edge to recover from ACL rupture

Pro-footballer Mark Reynolds ruptured his ACL while playing for Aberdeen FC, because the initial pain subsided quickly he didn’t realise the extent of the injury. The team physio was worried though and scans revealed a rupture. Mark immediately turned his competitive nature to acing his recovery.

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With an incredible football career that began by walking onto the pitch for his home team Motherwell, to playing for Sheffield Wednesday, Aberdeen, Dundee, and now Cove Rangers it was brilliant to welcome Mark to Surgical Goals. During such a long career it was inevitable there would be injury along the way and Mark ruptured his ACL and shoulder AC joint. He explains how he got them, what they felt like at the time and how he recovered after treatment.

Both times Mark referred to Prof Mackay and had InternalBrace surgery as he was keen for minimum down-time and the technique offered an accelerated recovery. It is really interesting listening to Mark explain how he used his ultra-competitive nature to ace his ACL rehab with the help of Adam Stokes and the Aberdeen club physio team.

A keen engineer with an analytical brain Mark chats about how the principle of the InternalBrace appealed to him and as an older player at the time of his knee injury, he was acutely aware that a good recovery was vital to ensure his continued signing.

This leads us to a fascinating conversation about the insecurity of sport as a full-time career and Mark is a vocal advocate of allowing young players to follow their academic dreams as well.

He explains how Cove Ranger’s system of combining an outside career with playing is more than possible and something other clubs could possibly follow.

Another great episode of Surgical Goals.

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