Orthopaedic meetings embrace a virtual world

Many surgeons thrive on meeting with colleagues and friends at annual faculty meetings all over the world. These meetings form perfect platforms for sharing ideas, outcomes, and research.

This year has of course been very different, with the fallout from coronavirus effectively making such gatherings impossible. However, medicine is always at the forefront of technology and so the show has successfully moved online to allow important information sharing to continue.
This month Professor Mackay has taken part in three online discussions and presentation webinars. The first, organised by Sicot – an international society of surgeons, involved discussions on ACL Repair – looking at the latest techniques and outcomes – including ACL Repair using the InternalBrace. Professor Mackay was delighted to be part of a specialist panel hailing from as far and wide as the US, Spain, India, and Pakistan.

The second webinar, hosted by Arthrex, was attended by a largely Scandinavian audience who were discussing the latest ankle ligament repair techniques and research.

The third, hosted earlier this week by students from the University of Glasgow and was watched by an audience of students and FY1s who have an interest in orthopaedics and sports surgery.

Professor Mackay gave them an insight into the road he has taken to becoming the sports surgeon he is today; treating everyone from Olympic medallists to weekend warriors. He talked about what has inspired him along the way, from trying out as a professional footballer in his youth to entering medical school and going on to develop his own technique of ligament repair.

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