Mackay Clinic delighted to announce sponsorship of Scotland’s Amputee football Team

Professor Gordon and Jackie Mackay, are delighted to announce The Mackay Clinic’s three-year sponsorship deal with Scotland’s national Amputee Football team.

A former Rangers hopeful in his youth, Prof Mackay as the son of a footballer and of a GP mother has always had medicine and the beautiful game running through his blood. So, when he saw some amazing action images of amputee football players on Twitter he was determined to find out more. He discovered a team of amazing individuals who all have incredible stories and a community that not only supports each other but offers the chance to play a fast-paced challenging sport.

Fast forward to today and the announcement of our 3-year sponsorship deal with Amputee Football Association Scotland. The news couldn’t come at a better time as the Scotland team prepares to compete in the inaugural Amputee Football Nations League in October 2023. It is hoped that the Mackay Clinic support will help fund among other things essential equipment, travel, facility hire, training kit and match strips.

Amputee Football Association Scotland (AFAS) was founded in 2017 to create opportunities for those with limb loss to participate in the beautiful game. AFAS is a Game Leader of Scottish Para-Football, the Scottish FA’s National Association and governing body for all forms of para-football in Scotland.

The sponsorship deal will also ensure that the charity’s junior players can attend the highly anticipated annual four-day training camp organised by the European Amputee Football Association. The camp will take place in August in Poland and will bring together more than 100 young amputees from across Europe to train and play football.

As a specialist sports surgeon, Prof Mackay is a global innovator in the field of tendon and ligament repair. He is the inventor of the InternalBrace repair technique which allows for accelerated recovery and return to work or sport. He is also President of the InternalBrace International Study Group, (IBISG). In a wider sense, both he and Jackie understand the values that sport offers to all which was key in their decision to involve the Clinic in this sponsorship deal.

On supporting the team, Prof Mackay commented: “Jackie and I feel inspired by the courage and ability displayed by those who play this challenging sport, not only on the pitch but behind the scenes supporting one another as a community. The sport offers tremendous encouragement to those who have recovered from serious illness and injury or are in the process of recovery and dreaming of a return to sport.”

Jackie Mackay added, “I hope with our help the association will be able to show this incredible sport to a wider audience and perhaps there will be others out there who will become aware of it and seek to join – that would be amazing.”

Amputee football is unexpectedly fast-paced, dynamic, and physically grueling on the upper body. It is well established across the world, with leagues operating in more than 30 countries worldwide. The Amputee Football World Cup took place in Istanbul, Turkey in October 2022, where hosts Turkey triumphed over former champions Angola in a nail-biting 4-1 defeat.

Scotland currently plays in the Irish Amputee Football league. The game is played on crutches with teams of seven-a-side. Those in goals must have an upper limb amputation while those outfield a lower amputation.

Organised by the European Amputee Football Federation, Scotland is in Group D of the Amputee Football Nations League in October, and will host the group stages of the competition in Fife. Expectation is high as it will be the biggest amputee football event to take place on Scottish soil with Scotland facing teams from Hungary, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kosovo and The Netherlands.

Ashley Reid, founder of Amputee Football Association Scotland and CEO of the Scottish FA’s Scottish Para-Football organisation, added: “The support from The Mackay Clinic will have an enormous impact – from ensuring we can compete in our first major competition to funding a once in a lifetime opportunity for our younger players in Poland. Gordon fits right in with the team and couldn’t help himself joining in for training – although I think he underestimated the effort required to play on crutches!

“We are both hugely grateful and overwhelmed at the support from The Mackay Clinic and look forward to seeing the benefits of the partnership come to fruition.”

After each match, AFAS will announce the Mackay Man of the Match.

The Mackay Clinic currently sponsors the Stirling University Football Teams who this year fielded the first university team to play in Scottish Cup 4th round match in 50 years.

And we are also a proud sponsor of the Paul Lawrie Foundation and sponsored the Barassie Links leg of this year’s Tartan Pro Tour.

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