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Knee injuries we commonly treat

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair and Internal Bracing

The Cruciate ligament is increasingly recognised as the cause of instability and results in the inability of patients to return to performance sport unless managed expertly. We have been at the forefront of innovation in the treatment and repair of the ACL using an Internal Brace. We already have over 2 years of followup with exceptional clinical results to date. The attraction of tissue conservation and healing over traditional reconstruction which involves additional donor site morbidity is self evident. Avoiding hamstring or patellar tendon harvest is very attractive and patients retain their nerve and blood supply which is so important for accelerated healing and improved function.

Cartilage tears- meniscal repair/ replacement

The knee is frequently injured in sport resulting in pain swelling and loss of function. Modest injuries such as cartilage tears can be treated easily with keyhole surgery. Early intervention can minimise wasting an ensure an optimal recovery. Early detection by an experienced Physio can ensure that you have the best platform for rehabilitation and hopefully minimise the risk of disappointment.

  • Osteochondral lesions – microfracture

  • Patellar instability – minimally invasive techniques to stabilise  knee cap.

  • Posterior Cruciate repair/ reconstruction

  • Medial ligament acute repair with internal brace

  • MCL reconstruction

  • Multiple ligament repair

  • Partial joint replacement / resurfacing


Arthroscopic surgery case study

Below patient, Robert, talks to Professor Mackay who carried out arthroscopic surgery on both of his knees. Seen here just two weeks later Robert talks about the improvements he has noticed, particularly in his right knee in which there were several signs of arthritic changes including bony spurs.