Introductions at the Innovation and Technology meeting, Florida Jan 2016

Introductions at the Innovation and Technology meeting, Florida Jan 2016

The Innovation and Technology meeting was a first for Arthrex.  It was an expanded version of the traditional Faculty forum with a three fold increase in numbers (600 surgeons). It provided a unique opportunity for leading surgeons to share expertise with the shared goal  of helping to treat our patients better.


Above: Presenting to the delegates

Coen Wijdicks, the new Director of Research at Arthrex was introduced. He has amassed an incredible CV and will be a great assist to clinicians active in research. Chris Adams chaired the packed program extremely well as the New Medical Director. I was delighted to listen to other surgeons sharing their successful experiences with the IB. New indications and applications have now increased to 20. I had the opportunity to present the evolution of the technique with Arthrex over the last 5 years and discuss how it is impacting on Orthopaedics and, more importantly, patients. Increasingly outcomes are becoming available to support this new approach.


Above: Some of the IB applications on display at the conference

The President and Founder of Arthrex summarized the companies meteoric rise and further global plans for growth. With some nine and a half thousand products they are truly an orthopaedic giant .

I had the opportunity to meet with the orthobiologics team and shared ideas relating to fat stem cells and joint rejuvenation as well as meniscal preservation. Several studies have been launched.


Above: Enjoying dinner with the Orthobiologics team

The weather, although poor for the time of year, still provided a welcome vitamin D boost and some amazing sunsets. I am looking forward to returning for the American Academy in March.


Above: Jackie and I enjoying a Naples sunset

To see more images from this meeting see the gallery below

Arthrex Innovation & Technology meeting, Florida Jan 2016

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