InternalBrace on tour, June 2016

InternalBrace on tour, June 2016

Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Orange County and San Diego

It has been very flattering to hear about the international interest in the Internal Brace and its potential to transform the patient’s experience. This was highlighted when I was invited to present at a series of educational meeting with leading North American surgeons. Not only did I have a chance to visit Dallas which I only knew vaguely through a well known TV soap but more importantly I also had an excuse to visit Orange County, the home of the Dukes of Hazzard! We hired a Charger as ground transportation to add a feeling of authenticity.


Above: With Tom Clanton of the Steadman Clinic

I had the privilege of presenting in Dallas and Houston with Tom Clanton who is a Director of the world famous Steadman Clinic but was born in Houston and studied at Rice University and clearly felt very at home. It was Tom who encouraged me to focus on augmenting the Brostrom repair for chronic ankle instability and provided the biomechanical evidence to support this. He has also published on the IB technique for Achilles repair and is currently working on anterior syndesmotic repair with the IB. All of these applications are simplifying surgery and improving the patient experience accelerating return to work and sport.

In Dallas I had a chance to meet leading surgeons and sport specialists for dinner at Javiers  which was so authentic that there was even a stuffed bear in reception. The following morning I had the opportunity to visit some high volume surgeons in a clinic in Frisco and at the Dallas Institute-a huge complex as you can imagine. It was encouraging to hear such positive feedback from early adopters.


Above: Dallas Clinic visit

Houston also ensured a warm welcome in every sense. Only Tom who had recovered from heart surgery earlier in the year was robust enough to do some trail running in the afternoon heat. I dissolved walking 10 minutes to a shopping complex. This meeting was also an opportunity for Tom to meet so many former Fellows, upon whom he had clearly had a profound and positive impact.

The next flight took us to Phoenix Arizona – a very different experience with strong links to the wild west and associated strange head gear. After spending the whole evening presenting we flew to LA from Phoenix. Newport is home to John Wayne airport and a short hop from the beach in Orange County. We were able to sniff the ocean and feel the refreshing breeze before heading to the next meeting, (managed one cold beer on the beech with Michael who had expertly kept me on track – nectar). Evening meeting included a range of interested surgeons from trauma, paediatrics, upper limb and sports as well as foot and ankle. I was delighted to here that the IB had been used very successfully for patellar dislocations in Orange County. I agreed to co-author a paper on the topic.


Above: Getting into the local culture

After a delightful dinner we decided to hit the highway just before midnight to make the 150km trip to San Diego as the freeway came to a virtual stand still after 530am.


Above; Leaving at Midnight from Orange County to head to San Diego


Advanced Ankle Instability, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Symposium – August 5 & 6

San Diego was the location for my main presentations and I was delighted with the positive feedback despite the strange Scottish accent.

Achilles and Brostom IB repair generated considerable interest and other applications for the IB were also discussed. I provided an overview on how the internal bracing principle is changing Orthopaedics. Eric Giza a pioneer in Foot and Ankle surgery presented his experience and kindly invited me back to do a Grand round at his base hospital in Sacremento followed by an educational tour of LA and north to Seattle and Portland.


Above: Joining the Faculty in San Diego

The meeting was concluded by Dr Steve Shin from the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic in LA sharing his experience pioneering the role of the IB for hand injuries in professional sport. He explained how it had reduced recovery times by half for baseball and basketball players after dislocations.

Final memories of what was an intensive educational Internal Brace Tour was of the unique location and people. Arthrex staff were great and we got a lot of mileage from a few funny Scottish hats. I enjoyed running in the harbor with Pete Denove and Michael Karnes from Arthrex who helped to make this visit such a success.  It afforded an opportunity to see the Naval Museum up close including a fully loaded aircraft carrier and even Russian submarines. This provided an appropriate backdrop for the Naval seals training centre in San Diego. Showing just as much courage against adversity was a singer on the board walk just outside. I took time to chat to singer Scot Reid who was busking in the sun despite his disability  who gave me a CD to take back to Scotland – inspiring!


Full gallery of images from the trip see below or to watch a video of Professor Mackay chatting to two US orthopaedic surgeons about their success using Internal Brace techniques click here

Internal Brace on tour, June 2016

Internal Brace Tour, June 2016
Internal Brace Tour, June 2016

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