Internal Brace winner in 2017 Sports Technology Awards

Internal Brace winner in 2017 Sports Technology Awards

It is always great to see the Internal Brace in the news and even better to see it recognised as one of the winners recently announced in the Orthopedics This Week annual awards for the ‘Top Ten Best Sports Medicine Technolgies for 2017’

Orthopedics This Week say ‘that this annual award rewards inventors, engineering teams, physicians and their companies who’ve created the most innovative, enduring and practical products in 2016 to treat injured athletes in ANY activity—whether sports, industry, military or healthcare. To win the Orthopedics This Week Best New Technology Award for sports medicine care, a new technology must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be creative and innovative.
  2. Have long term significance to the problem of treating the injured athlete. Does this technology have staying power?
  3. Solve a clinical problem. To what extent does this technology solve a current clinical problem or problem that is inadequately solved today?
  4. Does it have the potential to improve standard of care?
  5. Is it cost effective?
  6. I would use it

A panel of physicians scored every submission on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest score) for each of the above criteria.

Click here now to see the full post and ten winners

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