Internal Brace truly international at ESSKA 2018

Internal Brace truly international at ESSKA 2018

Last week Professor Mackay attended the ESSKA Congress 2018 (European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy) which took place in Glasgow. This major event, held every 2 years, brings leading players together so they can learn the latest techniques and research from each other. There are scientific papers, demonstrations of surgical techniques, discussions, debates, workshops and, of course, social gatherings. Over the course of the meeting Professor Mackay gave several presentations about Internal Bracing in the shoulder, knee and ankle.

He also met surgeons at ESSKA18 from all over the world who have been using Internal Bracing from as far afield as Columbia, Singapore, Brazil, Latvia and Kuwait and enjoyed hearing about their experiences. This shows that there is a clear interest growing in the global orthopaedic community for change, with a shared experience of improved patient care. Another highlight was talking to the legend that is Ejnar Eriksson, founding father of European sports surgery and of ESSKA.

Above: Meeting the legend that is Ejnar Eriksson

Other highlights included sharing the floor with leading foot and ankle specialist James Calder, fielding questions as part of the specialist panel at the Arthrex  ‘Meet the Experts’ panel and sharing a podium with Professor Karl-Heinz Frosch for a multi ligament repair session. Karl is a leader in his field with tremendous experience of Internal Bracing for knee dislocation. Local hero, Judy Murray stole the show too with her account of how ability and application can triumph over adversity and discrimination.

Changes in attitude occur rapidly and so it was great to see the importance of extra-articular structure recognised at this meeting. Steven Claes, who was put down for being so radical just two years ago, has now won the debate. Dr Sonnery-Cottet endorsed his approach, and continued to educate the orthopaedic community with his excellent results and understanding of the ALL (anterolateral ligament) and menisco-capsular tears. His early experience of combining Internal Brace ACL repair with ALL augmentation in appropriate cases, was highlighted by his amazing results with an Olympic skier, which has been submitted for publication.
In summary ESSKA18 proved that the Internal Brace continues to be supported as a principle by a growing international body of experts, supported by basic science and outcome studies – although more are eagerly awaited.

Above: Professor Mackay was part of the specialist panel fielding questions today at the Arthrex Meet the Expert session with Tom Clanton, James Calder and Ros Miller

The future is bright for patients who look to their surgeons to provide the best possible care.
On a personal level for Professor Mackay it was great to welcome so many respected international friends including Dr Clanton from Vail, Professor Frosch from Hamburg and Dr Guttman from New Mexico. All experienced surgeons with a thirst for research and local beer!

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