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Professor Gordon Mackay

Orthopaedic surgeon

The inventor of the revolutionary Internal Brace, Scotsman Gordon Mackay is one of the world’s most highly-regarded sports surgeons.

After abandoning a career as a professional footballer with Glasgow Rangers when he damaged his own knee in his twenties, he has dedicated his career to improving the outcomes for those who suffer severe damage to their knees, ankles and shoulders. In particular he has specialised in treating elite athletes.

In a career spanning almost thirty years, he has not only treated a full range of patients but has operated on over 100 professional sportsmen and women, elite athletes and Olympians. His work has covered team sports such as football and rugby as well as individual sports such as athletics, judo and bobsleigh.

In a clinical career already notable for innovations such as the arthroscopic distal biceps repair, Professor Mackay has recently gained worldwide prominence for inventing the Internal Brace. The most significant advance in the treatment of ligaments and tendons in a generation, this simple and effective procedure has drastically reduced recovery times for what were once career-ending injuries, and has removed some of the long-term downsides of conventional reconstructive surgery.