Goalkeeper Lauren Perry on loving penalty shootouts and beating ACL rupture – podcast

We had the pleasure of welcoming goalkeeper Lauren Perry to the Surgical Goals Podcast Lauren played for Linfield Ladies Football Club and then in her first international aged just 16 for the Northern Ireland National Team Now 21, her career has gone from strength to strength.

Prof Mackay first met Lauren when she ruptured her ACL and had InternalBrace surgery. In a brilliant episode they chat all things women’s football, how starting as a striker makes her a better keeper and about her current club Dundee United FC

Lauren also talks about her recovery from her ACL surgery and reveals she has sadly ruptured her other ACL which amazed co-host Jennifer Reoch as she walked into the studio with no limp or crutches. Prof Mackay explains how it is possible to appear to be functioning with a ruptured cruciate.

Lauren was also part of a biomechanics research programme following her first ACL recovery – working with Dr William Wilson the research formed part of his PHD. We filmed this testing which you can watch here.

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