Florida trip ticks the box for InternalBrace, Biologics and nano-tech updates

Professor Mackay recently completed a week’s research trip over at the Arthrex Surgical Skills Centre for Research & Innovation at Naples in Florida.  He reports: Not only was the weather remarkable, but the staff were also fantastic and a lot was achieved. 

On the first day, meetings with Rob and Allana from the Biologics Team afforded an opportunity to look at various research projects and to the latest innovations including applications for stem cells and even stem cell superglue. 

Subsequently joining Ryan and the nano-technology team in the lab, I enjoyed applying this technology which involves a 2mm camera head to look at aspects of joint pathology, patellar stability and percutaneous fixation with the internal brace. 

In addition, a community visit to the Regenerative & Sports Medicine Clinic run by Luga Podesta, gave me an insight into the front line of Biologics and its applications for musculoskeletal injuries.  This has included stem cells and PRP.  Luga has 30 years’ experience in elite sport but is also Doctor to many musical superstars.

The following day, there was an opportunity to meet up with the Arthrex Latin American Team to plan for a large distal extremity meeting in June, and I was delighted to be invited to Rio in September for a large sports and football specific congress, focusing on applications for the InternalBrace. This will also afford an opportunity to meet some soccer legends from South America, past and present.  I am still hopeful I may have the opportunity to meet the legend Pele himself. 

After a brief interlude for some very enjoyable golf, the latter half of the week focused on InternalBrace applications for rotator cuff repair which I explored with Tom Dooney, using the latest innovations and anchors available through Arthrex.  We also looked at biological InternalBracing of ankle ligaments using allograft to augment the InternalBrace, and with an ‘A Team’ we explored nano-technology and other innovations as we anticipate changes in future practice. Overall a very successful visit which included a coincidental meeting with Colin Montgomerie and his family as he was competing in the Chubb Naples Champion Tournament.

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