New Docu-Vid: Faster Recovery after ACL Injury for female footballers

In women’s football headlines seem to be dominated by ACL injury, to the point some are labelling it an epidemic. But is this the case and can InternalBrace repair surgery offer hope to players for a faster recovery? Professor Mackay, who is a leading expert in the field of ACL surgery sees many sportspeople who need surgery after ACL injury both male and female but we decided to talk further with several professional female players about their own experiences of ACL injury, surgery, and recovery.

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When ACL injury strikes it doesn’t matter if you are Rachel Corsie (Scotland and Aston Villa) or young up-coming player Phoebe Murray (Aberdeen U18) – the effect is devastating. We talked to them plus Laura Darroch (Greenock Morton) and Lauren Perry (Montrose), to find out what impact the injury had on them. They had different surgery experiences, from InternalBrace Repair to traditional ACL reconstructions. The players discuss their recoveries and return to sport.

We also talk to a global expert in ongoing research into ACL injuries in sport, Dr Kate Webster.

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As the inventor of the InternalBrace procedure, Professor Mackay explains why the InternalBrace technique differs from a traditional approach and why it offers hope to injured players of all ages with its accelerated recovery times.

The InternalBrace technique can of course be used after ACL injury in any sport – for more info please get in touch

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