Exciting Internal Brace news from Ortho innovation and technology forum, Florida

Exciting Internal Brace news from Ortho innovation and technology forum, Florida

Lots of great Internal Brace news from the Orthopedic innovation and technology Forum that Professor Mackay attended recently in Florida. It was great to catch up with Dr Steve Shin who is a top US sports surgeon from California. He demonstrated how the Internal Brace has dramatically reduced recovery times for top athlete including base ball and basket ball stars.
Dr Shin has also demonstrated how the Internal Brace can in fact be used in any patient with acute or chronic ligament injuries, thus transforming hand function in a way that has not previously been possible. This is very exciting for the future – keep an eye out here for more news on this huge development.

Above: With Steve Shin (left)

Above and below: Internal Bracing of any damaged ligament is transforming the lives of patients all over the world and not just sports men and women!

Also at the same Florida meeting it was fantastic to see John Feagin – absolute orthopaedic legend, honoured
John was an inspirational mentor encouraging Professor Mackay to apply his Internal Bracing techniques to the ACL. They met when Professor Mackay was invited to present at The Grand Rounds at the Steadman Clinic in Vail Colorado in 2017. John had attempted ACL and ligament repair 40 years ago and was amazed that a third were able to get back to sport. He reminded Professor Mackay that technology changes everything!
It was timely meeting as research is highlighting how the Internal Brace can improve ACL repair and reconstruction strength, so accelerating recovery.

Above: John is seen with Reinhold Schmieding the Arthrex President (right) whom John was so impressed with he offered him a job 30 years ago only to find out Reinhhold was not a surgeon!

Above: Other legends at the meeting included (from left) Pat Smith, Missouri, Jim Bradley, Pittsburgh and Neil ElAttrache, California (known as Doc Hollywood).
We are delighted to hear they all use the Internal Brace in their elite athletes, including NFL players.


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