Corona update 30/03/20 – The Mackay Clinic is currently closed

Here at The Mackay Clinic, we need to make you aware of some changes that we are making due to the current UK Coronavirus crisis.
Unfortunately, until further notice, we are closing the clinic. Professor Mackay will not be seeing any new patients as he is volunteering to help in a surgical capacity for the NHS. Therefore, other than completing his last post-op checks with current patients this week, he will not be seeing any more private patients until the Clinic re-opens.
The Mackay Clinic will not be taking calls but, if you have any emergency clinical concerns following your recent operation please call Ross Hall Hospital on 0141 810 3151, or email the clinic with more general post-op concerns.
We look forward to welcoming new patients again in the future and will keep this page updated,  In the meantime, we hope that our patients, colleagues and friends remain safe and well.

The Mackay Clinic Team.

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