Controversies and Issues in Managing the Sporting Foot & Ankle, Coventry

Controversies and Issues in Managing the Sporting Foot & Ankle, Coventry

I was delighted to both attend and be a speaker at the recent ‘Controversies and Issues in Managing the Sporting Foot & Ankle‘ conference that was third of its kind in the successful Sports Surgery series organised by Warwick Orthopaedics. The Sports Surgery Conferences addressed current and future challenges for the athlete.
The course went well with plenty of interaction. I had the pleasure of presenting a couple of workshops with Tom Clanton on the internalBrace. It was great to tap into his extensive clinical experience with it at the Steadman Clinic as well as his research recently published on the subject.

Professor Bill Ribbans and James Calder structured an exceptional sports specific course with a fantastic international Faculty including Bob Anderson and Hodges Davis from North Carolina and Jim Nunley from Duke.

Above: Myself with Tom Clanton, Bill Ribbans, Bob Anderson and Jim Nunley


Above: A unique blend of southern humour and experience was complimented by the by the expertise of Tom Clanton from the world famous Steadman clinic in Vial Colorado.


Above: Over 80 delegates were immersed for 2 days and left with a priceless insight into high performance sport and the clinical dilemmas. Bill was a generous host and was noted to bear a distinct resemblance to Shakespeare himself as we were guided though their home towns along the Avon


Above: On arrival we were greeted by Bill and Sian his wife relaxing in their English garden with their dog who we decided resembled Churchill in profile.


Above and below: The Faculty enjoyed visiting some beautiful open gardens in full bloom for relaxation on arrival after a long trip.




Above: The Ricoh stadium is the home of Coventry FC and WASPs rugby club. The statue of Jimmy Hill the much maligned football commentator caught my eye. He had a unique relationship with Scottish fans.

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