Congratulations to Reece Wilson – new World Champion

All of us at The Mackay Clinic would like to send huge congratulations to Reece Wilson DH athlete on becoming the 2020 Men’s UCI Downhill World Champion in what looked like some really taxing weather conditions in Austria.

Reece previously had his shoulder AC joint InternallyBraced by Professor Mackay after separating it in a high-speed crash back in 2018. But prior to that he had also his ACL and his ankle ligament Internallybraced following seperate injuries obtained while taking part in this tough sport. Each time he was able to get back to sport remarkable quickly due to the accelerated recovery times offered by InternalBrace surgery.

What a recovery feat in 2020 to be crowned Men’s World Champion – absolutely fantastic. Winner of the Women Elite Downhill was Switzerland’s Camille Balanche.

You can watch some of Reece’s winning run here and his reaction immediately after the result.

You can also watch a film we made with Reece about his accelerated recovery from his shoulder surgery.

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