Busy farmer and rugby player’s experience of InternalBrace surgery for ruptured ACL

Patient Story: When David Reddihough collapsed in agony after his knee gave way during a touch rugby game, he thought he had done something serious. In our video below he discusses his injury, options for surgery, why he chose to have InternalBrace surgery and his subsequent recovery.

A busy farmer, David battled on for a year after his local hospital initially told him he had not ‘broken anything’. The pain remained though and his knee began giving way again before finally, an ACL rupture was diagnosed. He was told by the NHS that he could expect to be off work for up to 6 months following surgery. As any busy farmer knows, that is a long time, so David sought the help of The MacKay Clinic and underwent InternalBrace ACL surgery.

David talks about the impact of his injury and how he was delighted to be back at work just two weeks after his operation due to the accelerated recovery time offered by this technique.

Since filming this David re-injured his knee, again playing rugby and, worried he had re-ruptured his ACL, returned to see Professor Mackay. However, the InternalBrace had done its job of acting like a seatbelt and had protected the ligament – a minor tear was diagnosed and repaired without problems.

Our thanks to David for allowing us to share his story.
Please note this was filmed for us pre covid – by Urbancroft Films

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