Baxter back…

Baxter back…

With Internal Brace surgery on a badly mangled knee ligament and the sudden onset of a life-threatening disease which saw him suffer multiple organ failure, it’s been the toughest of years for former Olympic skier Alain Baxter. However, less than five months after I reconstructed his ACL and barely two months since he was rushed to hospital with adult-onset Still’s Disease, the Aviemore skier is now back on the slopes after making what I can only describe as a truly remarkable recovery.
















Above: Alain in action in the Giant Slalom.

As anyone who has seen the video of Alain squatting on one leg can see – he goes all the way down until his bottom touches his ankle and then, incredibly, has enough strength and stability in his reconstructed knee to rise back to a standing position, a manoeuvre he would never have been able to do with a conventional ACL reconstruction – he is now one of the poster boys for the benefits of the Internal Brace. His recovery from the very rare condition which saw his levels of the iron-binding protein ferritin get elevated from a normal level of 200 to more than 10,000 has been equally remarkable, and it’s good to see him back on the slopes, as good as new.

The video below shows Alain’s remarkable recovery

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