Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Congress Sweden

Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Congress Sweden

I had a fantastic visit to Stockholm, Sweden for the 6th Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Congress on the 8th October 2015.  It was an honor to be invited by Conveners Dr Björn Enström and Dr Magnus Forsbald. The Artroclinic and the Karolinska Institute has a world wide reputation for excellence in sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation offering advice and support to IOC and FIFA. Having had the pleasure of visiting as a Fellow at the end of my training, after winning a European Traveling Fellowship, it was great to be back sharing our experience with the InternalBrace. I joined a superb international faculty and it was a privilege to share ideas for future research.


Above: The welcome to the conference

We developed a better understanding of knee anatomy from Robert Smielgowski who visited from Warsaw and there was also an excellent review of the newest techniques to reconstruct the lateral aspect of the knee from Tim Spalding a leading knee surgeon from the England.

Local presenters including Ewa Heidvall and Maria Werin who emphasized the importance of core strength for shoulder rehabilitation and the often over looked importance of fatigue on coordination during recovery. Christian Samuelsson from Gothenburg provided the case for ACL reconstruction in older patients. Surprisingly they often reported better function on longer term follow-up, even in the presence of degenerative change, than younger patients.


Above: Kristian Samelsson presented evidence that the outcome after ACL reconstruction is better in older patients! Contrary to popular belief

Early ACL reconstruction was reported in Sweden to have a positive effect on meniscal conservation. Repair was undertaken more frequently with early intervention and could significantly reduce the risk of OA.

Romain Seil from Luxenburg presented some excellent work on ACL reconstruction and return to football. He reviewed some of the risk factors for injury and the effectiveness of community based sports specific rehabilitation to reduce recurrence especially in the younger patient. As the future President of ESSKA I was honored to be invited to act as the local Chairman when Glasgow hosts 3000 leading sports surgeons in 2018. We invited our Swedish hosts and guaranteed a warm Scottish welcome for all.


Above: Karl Errikson shares his experience with open hamstring repair

Finally the course dinner was fun for all and well organized on our behalf by Anna. I was delighted that Per Renstrom was able to join Jackie and I, as his early research on injury prevention for the IOC had inspired me to complete an MD on the Mechanism and Prevention of Injury in Soccer.  On a lighter note the evening was rounded off with Björn pulling out his harmonica and sharing the blues!

The meeting concluded with the Ejnar Eriksson Lectureship and the great man himself was able to attend. He is undoubtedly a founding father of Sports Medicine.

For more pictures from the conference have a look through the gallery below

6th Arthroscopy and Rehabilitation Congress, Sweden 2015

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