American Academy Orlando Florida 2016

American Academy Orlando Florida 2016

The American Academy was once again a huge success and remains the world’s biggest Orthopaedic meeting with a reported 30,000 attending to hear about the latest innovations and breakthroughs in Orthopaedics including Sports Medicine.

It was fantastic to see the increasing awareness and acceptance of internal bracing as a new approach to ligament healing. Every surgeon visiting Arthrex was given a pocket update on the latest applications. Demonstrations, animations and models were available and translated into every language. I was happy to share my experiences and answer questions from visiting surgeons as well as picking up the occasional top tip.


Above: Professor Mackay with Tom Clanton

Highlights included catching up with Tom Clanton who was back in rude health after a short illness. He presented his technique for internal bracing and presented early results with the Achilles mid-substance repair using the IB principles. These are both transforming patient care.

It was great to meet key opinion leaders and top sports surgeons who reported that their patient care has been transformed by IB technology. In fact we talked with surgeons from all over the world including Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Germany and Egypt, who were keen to share their interest and experience with the IB. Among the hot topics debated were its use for ACL repair and its role augmenting the anterolateral ligament.


Above: With Professor Teruhisa Mihata

It was also a pleasure to meet Professor Mihata from Osaka. He has transformed shoulder surgery with his superior capsular repair which is an alternative to joint replacement. We hope we can collaborate to find a biological solution which will incorporate the internal Brace to allow immediate mobilization.

Talking of innovation I was able to take time to advance our work on fat stem cells and enjoyed exchanging ideas with Dr Crane a leading world expert in joint rejuvenation. Together we hope to build on his amazing observations along with Dr Paletta. Its these moments of excitement that make the Academy so special. Amazing 3D printing technology also allowed me to handle a prototype of Dr Anderson’s instrumentation which will facilitate shoulder surgery.

Final thoughts include a meeting with a surgeon from a Spinal Institute who has recognized a potential role for the IB as an alternative to spinal segment fusion. Finally in true American spirit I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Conway who showed a video of a rodeo rider 3 months after internal bracing for a dislocated right elbow cling to a wild bull for all he was worth. Exciting times.

Check out the full gallery of images from the AAOS meeting below

AAOS Annual Meeting, March 2016


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