Advanced Ankle instability, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Meeting, Naples, Florida

Advanced Ankle instability, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Meeting, Naples, Florida

This was an excellent Arthrex meeting that took place in October 2015, where I was delighted to be part of a great Faculty, interacting with experienced delegates. Arriving a day in advance allowed time to meet Morgan our SOS specialist (Surgical Outcomes). She was able to interrogate outcome data and I am delighted to report that at 2 years ACL IB repair is out-performing conventional BPTB reconstruction.


Above: With the Top Team Jim Saylor- head of FA for US, Reinhold Arthrex President and Mike Schroeder President MicroMed IB distributor and biggest user of the IB

It was evident that Arthrex continues to grow exponentially and is a leader in  the field of orthobiologics. I had the opportunity to spend time with Rob Harrison and the stem cell experts. We agreed to collaborate on a cellular study based at Glasgow University, together we hope to deliver a simple system to facilitate ligament healing after internalBracing. As my US friends would say,”a game changing prospect” for bio-bracing.

This excellent Faculty provided a stimulating forum and I was excited to hear of Steve Martins experience in American Football. He explained how internalBracing of the ankle syndesmosis enhanced stability on foot strike and had the potential of reducing morbidity after ankle fracture or serious ligament injury and accelerate recovery. Eric Giza also shared his technique for mid-foot disruption using the IB.


Above: Robert Harrision of the orthobiologics team wearing the JumpStart dressing proudly

We had the opportunity to test future products and those just released. The new “JumpStart” dressing will be a winner providing an electrical charge to wounds delivering an anti-bacterial effect – genius! The new unicortical swiveLock and tiny pushLock anchors continue to expand the possible applications of the Brace. The most recent application has been for internal bracing of game keeper thumb (skiers thumb). Surgical repair formerly required 6 weeks immobilization however this affords immediate use – fab!

Arthrex has recently opened its recording/ film studio. We had the opportunity to do a live recording on the internalBrace. A Hollywood experience the only catch is that the video technology will be able to superimpose a virtual desk obliterating my kilt. Dr Watson and Dr Coetzee two of the top US surgeons agreed that the IB had transformed their patients’ experience and suggested that it had been the biggest advance in their F&A  Practice within the last 10 years – praise indeed.


Above: Biologics syringe

Dinner sun and sunset on the beach rounded off an exhausting weekend. Sports bar and beer completed the American experience although rugby world Cup interest was clearly lacking as nobody could follow the rules. An uncomfortable moment followed as they turned to me to explain the scrum-help!


Above: Playing with the new products

To see more images from this meeting enjoy the full gallery below


Advanced Ankle instability, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Meeting Oct 2015, Naples, Florida



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