2016 finishes on a high for the Internal Brace

2016 finishes on a high for the Internal Brace

The end of 2016 saw Professor Mackay attending three meetings about the InternalBrace the first in Oslo, Norway at a ‘Distal Extremities and Sports’ meeting

Here one of the topics of discussion was how the InternalBrace is enhancing patient experience and it was a delight to witness a lot of interest from enthusiastic young surgeons.

After all the hard work it was great to relax with the Faculty members at traditional Norwegian restaurant


Florida Presentations

The expansion of Arthrex Naples is clearly a statement of the company’s continued success and expansion. The developments for a Global University campus are well underway.

I was delighted to visit the new display room featuring models, illustrations and animations of the numerous InternalBrace applications.

Above: The models room showing all the applications for the InternalBrace

The Foot and Ankle advanced course covered lateral ligament repair with the IB and our knotless Achilles repair system. The delegates were impressed by the dramatically reduced recovery times.

Initial presentation to the distributors in Florida was followed by an opportunity to meet and share ideas in terms of design and innovations with various departments. This included instrument design, material technology, production and communications. It is this integration and exchange between expert departments that drives the pace of change. I particularly enjoyed filming educational content for orthoillustrated and the SOS system. This is dramatically improving patient education and clinical outcome monitoring. Meeting the illustrators was a particular treat as we explored ways of animating the internalBrace in action.

Above: Seeing how the InternalBrace illustrations are done

Clinical research then followed with lab-based surgical techniques for AC joint and rotator cuff repair using amazing new material technologies.

Then there was a road show presentation to sports and foot and ankle surgeons in Tampa on the Tuesday and Miami on Thursday which seemed to be well received. The informal setting provided a relaxed forum for an exchange of ideas.

Munich Nov 25

Then it was onto a very short but worthwhile trip to Munich. Sadly not enough time to taste the beer while here but it was a pleasure, as the only native English speaker, to present at the advanced Foot and Ankle Course. We also had an opportunity to look at new internal bracing techniques for BPTB ACL grafts.

Above: Exchanging ideas in Munich

Now we are already into 2017 which looks like it is going to be another great year for the InternalBrace.

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