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Shoulder injuries we commonly treat

Shoulder dislocation and subtle instability are often associated with direct trauma eg rugby and Judo but more subtle presentation may arise from repetitive over load as a result of gym work and weights. Keyhole surgery can produce remarkable results restoring function rapidly. Our unique early mobilisation program can ensure a degree of normality with a good range within two weeks eg driving. Twelve weeks is usually sufficient for full contact as tested by some of our elite contact athletes.

AC joint disruptions when the collar bone pops up were traditionally a common presentation in rugby. Cycling has popularised this particular impact injury especially mountain biking. In older patients this can be associated with cuff tendon injury. The AC joint has proved challenging to treat surgically in the past as non anatomical repairs have a high level of complication. New techniques which I have helped to pioneer are resulting in anatomical reconstruction, enhanced strength and stability as well as better function. Early intervention within 4 weeks would appear to be optimal.

Cuff repairs can also be treated aggressively with key hole surgery and early mobilisation.

Injury repairs undertaken include:

  • Shoulder instability- arthroscopic techniques to restore normal function and to accelerate return to sport and work.
    SLAP repair
    AC joint reconstruction- immediate mobilisation after reconstruction augmented with internal brace.
    Subacromial decompression for impingement
    Frozen shoulder – arthroscopic release or injection
    Clavicular fracture fixation

  • Elbow arthroscopy
    Tennis/ golfers elbow
    UCL repair