Physiotherapy Protocols to download and follow after InternalBrace surgery

Here at the Mackay Clinic we want to see patients make the best possible recoveries. Over the next few months we will be adding more protocols but we start with an in-depth programme following ACL InternalBrace surgery.

Recovery following InternalBrace surgery is often quite different to recovery following conventional tendon and ligament repair and reconstruction.

With that in mind one of the brilliant physiotherapists that Professor Mackay works with, Stuart Kerr of Life Fit Wellness has devised this downloadable physiotherapy recovery guidelines to follow after ACL InternalBrace surgery.

Professor Mackay works with many highly experienced physiotherapists in both hospitals and at the Space Clinic in Edinburgh where, among others, he works with long-time collaborator Stuart Barton, one of the world’s top physiotherapists. Barton, who has practices in Fife and Edinburgh, was for 17 years the physio for the Scotland rugby team, helping rehabilitate hundreds of players and being in attendance for a record of over 100 international Test matches.

Professor Mackay also holds and takes part in training days with groups of physiotherapists helping them better understand the anatomy that lies beneath.


ACL physiotherapy recovery protocol following InternalBrace surgery

Recommended physiotherapy protocol for rehabilitation of ACL injury following Internal Brace surgery. Compiled for the Mackay Clinic by Stewart Kerr, Specialist Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapist, Life Fit Wellness.

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