The Duncan Hospital, Bihar, India

The Duncan Hospital is the medical lifeline for almost 11 million people. Based in Bihar in India on the border with Nepal, the Duncan is the only medical facility  in the region for five million Nepalese and six million Indians.


A paediatric nurse with two of her charges

Originally founded in 1930 by Cecil Duncan, an Edinburgh GP, the Duncan came to Professor MacKay’s attention through Drs Matt and Joanna Peacock, who spent 10 years working at this little medical outpost. The Peacock’s were great friends of Professor MacKay’s mother and over the years shared their stories from the Duncan, becoming increasingly concerned as the hospital fell into a state of disrepair.

Professor MacKay and his wife Jackie decided to help fund a new wing at the hospital and then went on to form the Duncan Hospital Charitable Trust along with Dr Graham Watson and his wife Karen.

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charity-page-Duncan-HospitaAbove: Professor Mackay operating at the Duncan

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